How do I post an ad?

It's easy to post an ad on Buy a Used Motorcycle. First, you have to become a member.

Once you have registered and logged in-

  1. Choose the category appropriate for your ad.
  2. Choose an ad package.
  3. You will then be asked for specific information about your classified ad listing.
  4. Click the next button to post your ad.
  5. Proceed to the checkout page.

How many images can I post in my ad?

All of our ad packages allow you to post up to 16 images.

Why are there only 4 image upload boxes when I place my ad?

When you initially post your ad there are only 4 image upload boxes because it improves the efficiency of our website. You can add additional photos to your ad once it has posted.

To Upload Additional Photos:

  1. Click the "My Ads" link in on your account page.
  2. Find the ad you would like to add photos to.
  3. Click the Ad Title.
  4. Find the photo upload boxes.
  5. Upload Photos.
  6. Click the Update Ad Button.

I am unable to upload images to my ad.

There could be several reasons why your images are not uploading properly.

The most common reasons are the type of image and image size.

  • Please make sure that your image is in either .jpg, .jpeg, or .gif format. These are the only image formats we accept.
  • Image size must be under 2MB. If your image is over the maximum allowed size, please resample your photo and try again.
If you are having problems uploading your images because they exceed our max limits and you do not have software to resample them, you may want to try one of the websites below:
Windows Based – Resize My Photos
Web Based – Web Resizer
If you continue to have problems uploading your images please contact us.

How do I add a YouTube video to my ad?

Adding a YouTube video to your ad is great way to promote your Used Motorcycle. It allows potential buyers to see and hear your bike running. It's easy to post a YouTube video of your motorcycle to your ad.

First find the embed link that is located on the right side of your YouTube video. Copy the embed code.


Next, paste the embed code in the YouTube Video Field on the Post Ad Page.


Done and Done.

Where is my Ad?

Here are few reasons why you may not be able to see your classified ad on Buy a Used Motorcycle.

  • Your ad never posted to the website.
  • We never received payment for your ad. Visit your payments page to verify payment.
  • Your ad expired and was not renewed.
  • You accidentally deleted your ad.
  • Your ad violated our terms of use and was removed by a member of our staff.

    If you are still unable to find your ad please contact us for assistance.

    How can I suggest a new category or motorcycle make?

    We welcome feedback and suggestions from the Buy a Used Motorcycle community. If you feel that a new category or motorcycle make needs to be added to our website please contact us.

    How long does it take for my ad to appear on Buy a Used Motorcycle?

    Your ad will appear once we process your payment.

    What is the Chrome Package?

    The chrome package is an upgrade from a regular classified listing. The chrome package is a great way of getting more page views for your used motorcycle. Here are some of the benefits of the Chrome Package:

    • Bolded Ad Title
    • Highlighted Ad
    • Ad Rotates on Home Page
    • Priority Placement in the Search Results
    • 180 Day Listing
    • Detailed Description of your Motorcycle
    • Post up to 16 photos
    • Post a YouTube Video
    • Ad Views Counter
    • Google Map

    The price for the Chrome Package is $9.95.

    How much does it cost to post an ad on Buy a Used Motorcycle?

    The cost to post an ad on Buy a Used Motorcycle depends on your membership type and the ad category your ad is being placed in.

    Individual Membership 

    • Used Motorcycle Ad – FREE
    • Parts & Accessories Ad – FREE
    • Motorcycle Publications Ad – FREE
    • Motorcycle Events – FREE

    Dealer Membership

    • Used Motorcycle Ad – FREE
    • Parts & Accessories Ad – FREE
    • Motorcycle Publications Ad – FREE
    • Dealer Listing – FREE
    • Finance & Insurance Listing – FREE
    • Motorcycle Events – FREE

    How long does my ad stay posted?

    The length of time that an ad stays posted on Buy a Used Motorcycle is based on the category that it's listed in.

    • Used Motorcycle Ads: 90 Days with Unlimited Free Ad Renewals
    • Parts & Accessories Ads: 90 Days or 1 Year
    • Dealership Listings: 1 Year
    • Motorcycle Events: 30 or 90 Days
    • Finance and Insurance Listings: 1 Year
    • Publications: 90 Day or 1 Year