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Cyrilhuzeblog.com presented an article about tricky oil answers. I would like to give you some highlights of it because it turned me in. Spectro oil was in crosshairs this time, bike guys asking, the company is answering.

1. What does detergent in oil mean? I always wondered what could this mean. Is this the same thing we use for cleaning or it has some other sense in oil speech?

The answer is no, detergent means no cleaning business, however it is about clean oil. It is very important essence in oil and it is here for purity of the oil. So be cool about that, in addition guys from Spectro oil assured everyone that it has no bad influence to rubber parts.HDplat

2. Shell life of spectro oil. You may wonder about your old oil in the cellar. If you are afraid to use it again then don’t. If you didn’t unsealed the bottle yet it can last even over 10 years down there in the cellar. No matter it is cold or hot out there.

Good lubrication is as important as any other maintenance of your bike, do not forget it. In the end it does not matter if you use Spectro oil or any other brand as long as you do your service often enough.

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