2010 Honda VT1300 Cruisers First Ride

Honda Motorcycles deems the mid-sized cruiser demographic so important that within the last year it has produced four different models in this range. The forebear was the Fury, the company’s first production chopper, which attempted to break the staid reputation of its cruiser motorcycles with a big-wheeled, raked-out, high-necked ride. Since its early release last April, Honda claims that over the last year it has been the best selling ‘factory-custom’ in the US.

The Japanese manufacturer’s 2010 VT1300 Series continues in that vein, as the new trio deviates from the 2009 VTXs with more custom-styling influences. The frame on the new VT1300 bikes is more open in the head space so the engine isn’t packaged so tightly, the streamline tank is racier and is styled more like the Fury’s, the bars are more pulled-back in custom bike fashion, and the old solo pipes are now dualies blended together beneath an encompassing heat shield. The bodywork, from its fenders, air filter and battery covers, have been infused with edgier styling by adding angular designs on the covers and stronger lines throughout. The VT1300 Series motorcycles are also longer and lower than ever before.

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2010 Honda VFR1200F Motorcycle Review by Motorcycle USA

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Going into the press introduction of the 2010 Honda VFR1200F there were a couple big questions that needed to be answered. First, why is Honda holding the introduction at the Sugo racing facility rather than simply offering us a street ride? And exactly what class does this motorcycle belong in? That brings us to the 3.5-mile-long Sportsland Sugo Circuit, just outside of Murata, Japan, where I hoped that the dozen VFR motorcycles queued up and ready to ride would provide some answers.

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