Bubba Blackwell Revisiting Jump that Nearly Cost Him His Life

February 13, 2010 by  
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The amazing Bubba Blackwell will be trying to jump 22 Ford Focus cars again, which will break his personal record of most cars jumped. He will be making the jump at New Hampshire’s Rockingham Park on June 12, 2010. He will be making the attempt on a Harley-Davidson XR750, the same type bike used by Evel Knievel in his stunts.

The last time Bubba attempted this jump he hit short of the landing ramp causing him to be thrown through the air at 70 mph. He sustained multiple life threatening injuries, which included a major head injury, 19 broken bones and two collapsed lungs.

Here’s the video of the infamous crash that nearly cost Bubba Blackwell his life.

Bubba Blackwell’s Tour Schedule

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