Memorable Motorcycle: Yamaha SRX

The Yamaha SRX generates an ardent passion amongst its fans. Listen to a group of SRX owners and you could be forgiven for thinking that every third bike sold in the 1980s was an SRX: it wasn’t! That Yamaha’s big Single remains a minority interest is proof positive that Yamaha made the same mistake as many other manufacturers: they came unstuck by following the demands of vociferous customers – who then didn’t buy the bike they had been so stridently demanding.

Throughout the 1980s there was a consistent call for a true, classic, big Single – a bike drawn directly from the same gene pool which spawned the BSA Gold Star and the Velocette Venom. The arguments for the sporting Single are strong and persuasive. With a wafer-thin engine, the Single concentrates all its mass immediately down the center line of the bike and provides the most elegant and graceful of riding experiences.

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Post Courtesy of Motorcycle USA, Editor Frank Melling.