Using a Girl in a Bikini to Help Sell your Motorcycle

I am not quite sure why we don’t see more ads like the one posted by our member brice_nicholson. He’s selling his 2003 Suzuki Savage 650 with 8K miles for $2900. Nope he didn’t buy an upgrade package, which helps to get more eyeballs looking at your bike. He did the next best thing (or perhaps something better) and that is to add some hot girl in a bikini into the mix.

In addition to the nice pictures, he also has a YouTube video of the women talking about all the features that this 2003 Suzuki Savage has to offer a rider.

We do hope brice_nicholson is prepared for the question “Does the girl come with the bike?”  It will be asked.

Get more information about this 2003 Suzuki Savage.

How many Motorcycles and Scooters are in this video?

April 4, 2010 by  
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Can you count how many motorcycle and scooters are in this video? Didn’t think so.