Best Buy to Sell Electric Motorcycle

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Brammo Electric MotorcycleIt looks like Best Buy is adding something a little bit different to their electronics store. Yes, sitting beside the washer, dryers, plasma TVs, coffee makers, will be the Brammo electric motorcycle. Five Best Buy stores on the West Coast plan to start offering this bike to consumers late this Spring.  The Brammo Enertia, which is powered by large format, lithium phosphate batteries, will retail for $12,000.

While this bike might be a cool novelty item to own, I think for the $12,000 price tag you’re probably better off shopping for a bike that burns gas.

[Source: AutoBlog]


One Response to “Best Buy to Sell Electric Motorcycle”
  1. Biker JacketNo Gravatar says:

    That is a rather hefty pricetag for a electric bike. What’s even more amazing is that Best Buy will have something so pricy in their stores.

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