Lightning LS-218 reached 218 mph! powered by electric engine.

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Although we are not particularily interested in alternative engines and energy in bikes, this should not remain without response. Electric energy in bikes is not what it used to be anymore. It is solid competitor for the gasoline. It may have not the best sound, it may not have the best style building qualities, hovewer, it is a viable option these days. Lightning LS-218 proved this! Such a marvellous high speed capacity, that is something one would not expect from electric engines. At the Quail Motorsport Gathering in California this year Lightning Motorcycles introduced this pretty fast bike for retail. It has over two hundred horsepower engine and weights over two hundred kilos. And this costs less then 40 thousand bucks? That is an offer to be considered…

Harley-Davidson signed by pope Francis himself sold in auction!

If you wonder about typical Harley-Davidson owner or fan I think Pope Francis is one of the last persons to become on your mind.

Source:, Photograph: Osservatore Romano/EPAPope Francis' Harley Davidson Dyna Super Glide


Nevertheless it is not expected there is some connection and passion for Harley-Davidson with him. remarked that the black leather has not much use in the life of the pope and I must admit they are quite right. So what is this all about?

Auction took place in January in Paris this year and Harley-Davidson 1,585cc bike has been sold for more than 200 000 Euro to private bidder in Europe. The bidding took about 6 minutes and the whole amount is going to charity – that is more like pope Francis usual style, however there may be some connection between him and Harley-Davidson!


In every way facts are clear – nice pieco of bike has served good purpose.

Introducing Harley-Davidson Street 500 and 750!

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1It has been some time since Harley Davidson came up with something brand new. All their bikes are flawless, however new customer range is asking for new bikes. Even such traditional brand as Harley-Davidson can’t ignore this fact. EICMA exhibition gave an opportunity to reveal two new models – Street 500 and 750. Who are the targeted customers of these beauties? Mainly young riders, the price is quite reasonable and it can be great Harley-Davidson entering bike for every lover of this brand.

Water cooling engine revolution?

Harley-Davidson calls these models Revolution X. The highlights of this new technology lies in water cooling. There are two types of water cooling to be examined. This is not just performance and technology change. You can see on the first sight! It is quite large cooler, huge design element. And if you think that you will find a lot of other design elements there, you are mistaken. The beauty of these models lies in simplicity. This is perfectly styled to Dark Custom design line. 2

You will not see much of the detailed technical data so far, however we already know that these bikes will be quite lightweight and simple. I wonder if it can find enough customers to carry on, I keep my fingers crossed for Harley-Davidson!


What would you like to know about oil?

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Filed under General presented an article about tricky oil answers. I would like to give you some highlights of it because it turned me in. Spectro oil was in crosshairs this time, bike guys asking, the company is answering.

1. What does detergent in oil mean? I always wondered what could this mean. Is this the same thing we use for cleaning or it has some other sense in oil speech?

The answer is no, detergent means no cleaning business, however it is about clean oil. It is very important essence in oil and it is here for purity of the oil. So be cool about that, in addition guys from Spectro oil assured everyone that it has no bad influence to rubber parts.HDplat

2. Shell life of spectro oil. You may wonder about your old oil in the cellar. If you are afraid to use it again then don’t. If you didn’t unsealed the bottle yet it can last even over 10 years down there in the cellar. No matter it is cold or hot out there.

Good lubrication is as important as any other maintenance of your bike, do not forget it. In the end it does not matter if you use Spectro oil or any other brand as long as you do your service often enough.

Breaking news from Europe? Nah, but it is worth knowing.

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It can be surprise for you or not, nevertheless European e-Motorbike Of The Year 2013 winner is electro-bike. Zero S. In Europe they push these so called clean and ecological bikes harder than in US. So what is our opinion on non-gas based bikes and machines in general. Let us have a look on this bike and compare it to some same class gas running bike. Zero S is labelled as streetfighter by manufacturer. I do not think it is absolute truth, with its horsepower 54 it is not that hot. However it is decent bike with decent acceleration.15_51a70cc95baea11_51a70cc955d2f

Maximum speed can go up to 153 km/h and distance you can actually ride without need of recharging is about 200 km on the top model if you ride easy. Average gas bike in the same class can reach almost 200 km/h and can make over 300 km on full tank. That is a difference, nevertheless maintenance and gas costs are much higher than just charging. Gas can be ten times more expensive than electricity. On the other hand is this difference significant enough to cover initial price gap? I do not think so. Zero S is very pricey – about fourteen thousand bucks – that means over hundred full tanks covered by the gap, over 50 000 km.20_51a70cc966ea2

But still, this bike is good, it is lightweight and if you get a good feeling while running electricity, it is a good choice and that award is given correctly. On the other side, it still may take a while before the time of electricity will come. Eight hours of recharging is hell of a lot, let us hope that it gets better by the time.



Harley custom mirrors covers

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coverHave you ever been looking for some nice mirror kit? Harley offers great opportunity for you. Many people want to change their mirrors and make their bike by their own taste from the very beginning of their bike career. However, there are few reasons why you would not change your mirrors: it is quite a work to do, it can be skill demanding or there is a rational question: what can I do with old stock mirrors? For all the people thinking like this there can be a great alternative. If you possess model not older than 2003, you can simply be a cover for your mirrors. These nice accessories start from 40 USD and can be a very nice appearance refresher for your bike!


Celebrate 110th Harley-Davidson anniversary

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Harley-Davidson prepared very nice surprise for all the customers. Because it has been already 110 years since Harley-Davidson started selling their perfect bikes, you will get something extra with your purchase! This special offer includes Harley-Davidson commemorative photo frame. You can obtain it with every purchase over $300. It is quite a decent deal. The frame looks fabulous and you can put your photo in that. It has nice backlight and it definitely has some value. It can be bought for $75, however you can get it for free as a gift if you will buy over $300 at Harley-Davidson retail. Do not miss this chance to have a nice decoration on your desk. If you are hesitating with some purchase for long time, now is the time.


Spring is coming, is your bike well prepared?

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1344508_94522719All the bikers are often arguing about finding the way of perfect preparation of the bike for winter. The idea is simple, put it to sleep when winter comes and ride it immediately when the sun comes and roads gets dry enough. In fact there are almost always some troubles when you are trying to come out for the first time. I would like to share few tips and tricks to avoid any trouble.


Cleanness at first

This sounds logical, however many bikers may forgot about this critical factor. Clean the windshield from insects, wash off all the crinkles and put some extra effort on chain. Oil all the moving parts. You should never put your bike to final place when it is not perfectly dry!

Oil and other liquids

The liquids of new generation will save you some work. It is necessary to change them after recommended time, regardless of the bike is in the shed or in full performance.


This is the tricky part. Many bikers get rid of the old gas before the winter. They are convinced fresh gas in the spring will make the bike well. It is not entirely truth! Full tank will prevent the corrosion from destroying your tank.


If your bike is not an old bike, you do not have to be concerned about this. New generation tires are not negatively responsive to long and still pressure. However, if you do have a choice to put it on bike stand – you do not have to hesitate, it is still better choice.


This depends on where you live. Battery should never be stored in temperatures below zero. The simple rule is to take your battery out of the bike and put it somewhere worm.

For those who do not have enough time to prepare their bikes properly I advise to put them into the garage. It may cost some money but it in the end it is worth it. You will avoid unpleasant expenses in the spring.


Motorcycles and touch displays?

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I am convinced we all already have some experience with touch cellphones, tablets or GPS systems. The world is full of this and there will be even more in the future. However good biker knows that taking off his gloves when driving can be very dangerous.

Driving with one hand and so one can cause a crisis easily. On the other hand it is very discomforting to pull over every time you want to set another direction in GPS. Alice Ning may change this situation with her revolutionary product called Tap Caps.

What is it about? It is a small layer attachable to the glove that can allow you to access your touch features without taking off your gloves. If this is something you would like to see selling in your local bike parts store,you will have to wait a while. It is being developed at this moment and Alice Ning is gathering resources for the further research.You can support her too if you like!


Trip to Europe? What about parking?

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If you are about to fulfill one of your dreams and you are leaving to Europe with your bike or you just consider that as a possible option in future you should definitely read something about parking possibilities there. It concerns you if you only rent a bike in Europe indeed. There are different legal restrictions about that in every country. However in last years their are in general getting worse and worse. E. g. in France it had been legal to park your bike on pavement as you wished. Now there are new restrictions. You can not do that anymore and you can counter wrecking service now! So be aware of this fact and be advised in advance about this situation in particular country you are about to visit. This can save you some unpleasant surprises. You may be asking yourselves naturally: So where should I park my bike? There are some special places for bikers and some cities are even trying to make us special park places, however it will never be like old times:)

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