Jet motorbike to reach 720kph!

June 4, 2015 by  
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Stripped down Jet Reaction jetbike being tested on the runway at Elvington Airfield Yorkshire, England 8 It looks stunning and it has a hard task ahead. Oxford engineer Richard Brown believes, that it can reach 720kph (over 447mph). Brown is no greenhorn in extreme racing, in 1999 he broke a speed record, achieving average speed of 584kph, he wasnt’t given any official primaci by the referees though. To get the primaci and break the current record, one must achieve higher average speed callculated from two rides, each in opposite direction. His second ride was unfortunately ruined by an exploding tire. Now Brown hopes, not only to be the first to reach 720kph, but also to manage an average from both rides over 693kph. The current record (605kph) was set in 2010 by Rocky Robinson on a machine called Ack Attack Streamliner. Brown’s wonder called Jet Reaction will train during March in Wales, then in September it will atemp to break the record in american Utah. Image source:

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