What makes a good road

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I am sure most of you at some point read atleast one ‘best roads’ list. So did I, but I wondered what are the qualities that make them stand above the rest. So I chose 5 factors that describe a road as a great road for bikers. Here they are:


A road can be considered good because of the surrounding Commercial Inflatable Park For Sale scenery. In fact the road itself can be just plain straight, but if the scenery makes up for it, the experience can be unmatchable.

2. Surface

Bump free, consistent, smooth, thats the name of a perfect road. This quality can’t probably skyrocket a road to the first place on the list, but it can be a mayor problem if it’s lacking.

3. Flowing

Without a doubt the best road has to be free-flowing with , if possible, no stop lights or other delays, and of course as little traffic as possible. Riding the same road in heavy traffic can completely ruin your experience of an otherwise great road.

4. Distance

Distance as another quality, can be by some people considered  a mayor factor on their lists. For example Australia’s Highway 1  will attract many people solely because of its lenght as it is the longest road in the world.

5. Curvature

For us motorcycle riders, bends are the thing. Riding a curly, twisty road can provide much more fun than just a looong straight road. This quality alone can make for an excellent road.

Picture Source:  themotojourney.com