4 Top Trends of 2015

January 24, 2015 by  
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Main trends will continue with what we witnessed in recent years –  growth in use of electronics. That will affect safety devices, chassis, or engine.


1. ABS will become a standard

Next year ABS will become compulsory in EU for stronger motorbikes, so we can expect companies to react this year already. The Anti-lock Braking System can reduce the number of fatal accidents up to 25%.

2. More connectivity

This year an engine control unit will be introduced, that Inflatable Water Park For Sale can be wirelessly connected via bluetooth to for example, a smartphone. The unit can provide additional information about speed, consumption and more in a special application.

3. Customization is still cool

Companies know that one of the ways to attract people is to offer a wide range of customizations , making every single machine unique. Last year Yamaha and BMW proved that. Moreover with all the additional electonic gadgets, we can maybe expect a rise of the simple and easy to drive motorbikes.

4. Helmet with a head-up display

By the half of the year, first helmet with a head-up display will be introduced, it projects information about speed or tilt and it can show data from phone or navigation. It also has a camera to scan the angles the rider can’t normally see. Another feature is voice control for your phone.