Carbon harley from Mandello

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Moto-Guzzi-MGX-21-prototype-studio-01The Milan EICMA exhibition cannot be missed by a domestic company with an eagle logo. Guzzi definitely do not modestly crouch in a corner but rather attract attention with a bombastic cruiser MGX-21.

At first glance it might seem that this black and red giant came from America. Harley? Victory? Or perhaps some new creation from the strong Japanese four? Looking into the frame, it gives a clear answer where the bike was born. Two-cylinder air and oil cooled V uses only one single motorcycle factory in the world. MGX-21 is a proof that such machines can also be produced in Lombardy.

This new model from Moto Guzzi is so far just a prototype which is technically based precisely on a great California 1400. It is a matt black, because of the carbon fibres, which we can see on the structure. Only brake pedals, part of the front fender and the two cylinders are red. Devil? Also, the front disc Toddler Bounce House For Sale wheel diameter is 21 inches and is not made out of steel, but carbon instead. The designers shaped the back very interestingly with built-in bags. Style got the preference here, but a small bag will fit anyway.

Specifications for Guzzi are yet to be released, so we don’t know anything about the numbers yet. Recall that the V2 of California 1400 are, in fact, the volume of 1.38 litres, giving 96 horsepower (71 kW) at 6500 RpM and 120 Nm at low two thousand. But the machine is simply beautiful! It is still a concept  of course, completely different than the iron from Milwaukee and Japanese competitors.

If Mandello ever places this bomb on the market, it will surely be rather expensive. But personally I would have liked it to be as soon as possible! Make a limited edition and sell it for 70 thousand, or maybe even more. It will be sold as hotcakes. Believe it!

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Indian Roadmaster is back with style

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Legenda2015_indian_roadmaster_7ry American company Indian has been on a rise recently. After a classical chopper Chief Classic, they has now come up with a Roadmaster model, which aims to satisfy bikers with traveling ambitions.

Last year Indian release no less than 3 new models, this year’s Roadmaster might seem like a Chieftain with a large back trunk and better equipment, but there is a lot more this model has to offer.

The core of this motorcycle is a V-twin Thunder Stroke 111 with displacement of 1811 CC, offering 138.9 NM peak torque at 2600 RPM. Engine cooperates Inflatable Games For Sale with a six speed transmission.

New Indian Roadmaster will impress mainly by its wide touristic accessories and maximum driving comfort. It has heated handlebars as well as both seats, efficient audio system, that can be connected to most smartphones or multi reflector Pathfinder with LED diodes.

From the long list of additional buyable features should we mention at least passenger armrests or chrome trunk holder. There is also a wide range of tuning parts like an open air filter Big Sucker and many more.

Needless to say, its comfort and convenience features along with ride quality and performance makes it a solid upgrade to Chieftain.

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