Introducing Harley-Davidson Street 500 and 750!

December 9, 2013 by  
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1It has been some time since Harley Davidson came up with something brand new. All their bikes are flawless, however new customer range is asking for new bikes. Even such traditional brand as Harley-Davidson can’t ignore this fact. EICMA exhibition gave an opportunity to reveal two new models – Street 500 and 750. Who are the targeted customers of these beauties? Mainly young riders, the price is quite reasonable and it can be great Harley-Davidson entering bike for every lover of this brand.

Water cooling engine revolution?

Harley-Davidson calls these models Revolution X. The highlights of this new technology lies in water cooling. There are two types of water cooling to be examined. This is not just performance and technology change. You can see on the first sight! It is quite large cooler, huge design element. And if you think that you will find a lot of other design elements there, you are mistaken. The beauty of these models lies in simplicity. This is perfectly styled to Dark Custom design line. 2

You will not see much of the detailed technical data so far, however we already know that these bikes will be quite lightweight and simple. I wonder if it can find enough customers to carry on, I keep my fingers crossed for Harley-Davidson!