Trip to Europe? What about parking?

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If you are about to fulfill one of your dreams and you are leaving to Europe with your bike or you just consider that as a possible option in future you should definitely read something about parking possibilities there. It concerns you if you only rent a bike in Europe indeed. There are different legal restrictions about that in every country. However in last years their are in general getting worse and worse. E. g. in France it had been legal to park your bike on pavement as you wished. Now there are new restrictions. You can not do that anymore and you can counter wrecking service now! So be aware of this fact and be advised in advance about this situation in particular country you are about to visit. This can save you some unpleasant surprises. You may be asking yourselves naturally: So where should I park my bike? There are some special places for bikers and some cities are even trying to make us special park places, however it will never be like old times:)

Integral helmet? pros and cons

October 13, 2012 by  
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Motorcycle helmet is one of the very important equipment in bikers life. It can save your life. So it would be bad place to save money and time on this piece of equipment! It is also a matter of preferences. All day motorbike traveller will indeed choose different type of helmet than city commuter.

Integral helmet can provide almost perfect protection

Integral helmets provide complex protection for your most precious head! It covers you from chin to rear. On the other side it is not as comfortable as classical helmets. The more expensive models can be very adjustable. Most of them have changeable shields and removable padding – so you can wash it in laundry. You should also pay attention to certification of hemlmet. Be aware that only certificated helmets will be contribution to your safety. You should not go for the cheapest price here again. If you are one with glasses and you do not want to or you can’t take lenses you should definetely go for tiliting shield. Photo: