Photochromatic faceshields

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Everything must be perfect if you want to enjoy real pleasure from the great ride. There must not be anything disturbing. Not a single little thing and especialy not a too shiny sun or too dark faceshield in the night. And in addition it is not only about your feeling it is about safety too. Wrong selection of faceshield can lead to tragedy. Too dark vision during the night can endanger you and other people on the road. So what is the solution? You can always pack spare one, nevertheless it is not quite comfortable. Would that be great if you can change the tint by one button press or it would change automaticaly. There are solutions of this kind these days. Many of you may have heard about that or are using it for quite some time. For those who would like to buy something like that we have a good news. You can buy it today and the price is about 100 USD. I think clear sight at all times is worth these money. Bell Solfx Visor or WIKI Wikishift are quite good choices of this product.