Honda Hyperdivision HDX3

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Honda Hyperdivision HDX3 – Everyone can now use a motorcycle.

Do you like motorbikes but you are in a wheelchair? Everything is possible now.
The headmaster of Hyperdivision section – Mobility Motorcycles Honda introduced the concept of HDX3. It is a converted SH scooter with a ramp and platform to transport the wheelchair.
Wheelchair users do not have it easy in life.

Among other problems, such as stairs, bollards and other barriers, there is a problem  even with the distance of various shops and services. a new concept three-wheel scooter could help that people during transport in the future.
HDX3 Honda is in the “just before completion and subsequent approvals to normal operation” phase. It will be powered by a pair of four-stroke single cylinder engine of 125 and 150 cc. Depending the  current trends is planning electric motor too.

Yamaha Ténéré Worldcrosser enduro

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Like in the car industry are selling well SUV’s, in motorcycle branch is increasing demand for travel-enduro. Yamaha responds to this trend with the new Ténéré Worldcrosser, 2012 news.

The increasing consumer interest in big travel-enduro  is clearly demonstrated by the fact that only this fall in this segment, Triumph introduced the new Explorer (R3, 1 215 cc, 137 hp, 121 Nm) or Honda EICMA exhibition brought a serial version Crosstourer (V4, 1237 cc, 129 to, 129 Nm).

In early December, the news flew through the Internet that Yamaha officially blessed project Worldcrosser (motorcycle was introduced as a concept last year at an exhibition in Cologne), which is essentially well-equipped model Super Ténéré.

Since next year will be available Akrapovic exhausts in the Yamaha shops, so your new Super Ténéré will look exactly like the one in the photo. I prefer to tame during shopping gifts – a new Worldcrosser will need almost $20 000, with Akrapovic ending and offroad Metzeler tires probably a little bit more.