Jet motorbike to reach 720kph!

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Stripped down Jet Reaction jetbike being tested on the runway at Elvington Airfield Yorkshire, England 8

It looks stunning  and it has a hard task ahead. Oxford engineer Richard Brown believes, that it can reach 720kph (over 447mph).

Brown is no greenhorn in extreme racing, in 1999 he broke a speed record, achieving average speed of 584kph, he wasnt’t given any official… Continue reading

Che Guevara’s son is renting motorcycles on Cuba!

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The name that twenty-nine years old Ernesto Guevara shares with his father isn’t the only thing these two have in common, aswell as the famous revolutionary he also fell in love with two-wheeled beauties. On Kuba, there he made for himself a motorbike rental.

The bussines bears a very symbolic name – La Poderosa (“The Mighty One’). That is… Continue reading

What makes a good road

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I am sure most of you at some point read atleast one ‘best roads’ list. So did I, but I wondered what are the qualities that make them stand above the rest. So I chose 5 factors that describe a road as a great road for bikers. Here they are:


A road can be considered good because of the surrounding scenery. In fact… Continue reading

4 Top Trends of 2015

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Main trends will continue with what we witnessed in recent years –  growth in use of electronics. That will affect safety devices, chassis, or engine.


1. ABS will become a standard

Next year ABS will become compulsory in EU for stronger motorbikes, so we can expect companies to react this year already. The Anti-lock Braking System can reduce the… Continue reading

Tattooed motorcycle from Poland

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Cheyenne-Bike-The-Recidivist-7Tattooes and motorbikes belong together. But if someone thinks than such a creation comes from the US,  he is trully mistaken. The idea to tattoo a motorcycle comes from Poland!

Behind this idea there are tattooers from a polish workshop Game Over Cycles and tattoo equipment producer Cheyenne Professional Tattoo Equipment. Special bike with many unique features was acquired from a company in Netherlands –… Continue reading

Carbon harley from Mandello

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Moto-Guzzi-MGX-21-prototype-studio-01The Milan EICMA exhibition cannot be missed by a domestic company with an eagle logo. Guzzi definitely do not modestly crouch in a corner but rather attract attention with a bombastic cruiser MGX-21.

At first glance it might seem that this black and red giant came from America. Harley? Victory? Or perhaps some new creation from the strong Japanese four? Looking… Continue reading

Indian Roadmaster is back with style

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Legenda2015_indian_roadmaster_7ry American company Indian has been on a rise recently. After a classical chopper Chief Classic, they has now come up with a Roadmaster model, which aims to satisfy bikers with traveling ambitions.

Last year Indian release no less than 3 new models, this year’s Roadmaster might seem like a Chieftain with a large back trunk and better equipment, but there is… Continue reading

Lightning LS-218 reached 218 mph! powered by electric engine.

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Photo source:


Although we are not particularily interested in alternative engines and energy in bikes, this should not remain without response. Electric energy in bikes is not what it used to be anymore. It is solid competitor for the gasoline. It may have not the best sound, it may not have the best style building qualities, hovewer, it is… Continue reading

Harley-Davidson signed by pope Francis himself sold in auction!

If you wonder about typical Harley-Davidson owner or fan I think Pope Francis is one of the last persons to become on your mind.

Source:, Photograph: Osservatore Romano/EPAPope Francis' Harley Davidson Dyna Super Glide


Nevertheless it is not expected there is some connection and passion for Harley-Davidson with him. remarked that the black leather has not much use… Continue reading

Introducing Harley-Davidson Street 500 and 750!

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1It has been some time since Harley Davidson came up with something brand new. All their bikes are flawless, however new customer range is asking for new bikes. Even such traditional brand as Harley-Davidson can’t ignore this fact. EICMA exhibition gave an opportunity to reveal two new models – Street 500 and 750. Who are the targeted customers of these beauties?… Continue reading